Knitted Fabrics

SKA Textiles' knitting division is equipped with the latest and most up-to-date equipment and machinery, enabling the company to manufacture a wide range of fabrics including:

SKA Textiles utilises a vast array of textured fibres and blends, including polyesters, acrylics, lycra, viscose, and cotton blends.

The company has its own on-going development programme for new fabrics and designs. The team is receptive to working closely with its customers to create and develop their ideas on colour fabric and design.

Commission Services

SKA Textiles has invested heavily in machinery and equipment. The company installed a rotary screen wet and pigment printing machine, as well as a transfer printing machine, in 2000, This new facility allows them to offer specialist, commission-led services in knitting, dyeing and finishing of woven and knitted fabrics.

Commission manufacturing services answer a growing need in the market place for efficient manufacturing and finishing capabilities by converters, merchants and design studios. The new installation and facilities have reduced inherent problems, and dramatically reduced capital expenditure. Consequently, SKA Textiles have successfully increased their market potential and profitability.